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power copySo God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them. —Genesis 1:27

You have been created after the image and likeness or character and nature of God. Think about that for a minute…pause…go ahead I’ll wait…think hard…you’ve been created in God’s image and likeness. He is a creative God with inexhaustible potential. Everything we see, hear, taste, feel or enjoy in this world today, resided and existed in Him first before it all came into existence at His decree.

Everything you need to manifest your dreams and complete your life’s-assignment is hidden within you under the alias: “purpose”. But the vastness of those capabilities that Father-God has deposited, entrusted and invested in your life will go unused and wasted unless it’s tapped into. You’ll never know the greatness you have living, resting and quietly sleeping on the inside of you until you dare to rouse and wake it up. Plug-into God in you. Connect to life’s source: Christ in you. Tap into Holy Spirit’s inexhaustible power residing within you.

Do not allow your legacy to be reduced to a future full of regrets and pitiful confession of: “I should’ve…I could’ve…I would’ve…but I did none of…” Seize life by the throat and squeeze tight, don’t let go until it spits out God’s best for you! Place a demand on your God-given potential and pursue that which you’ve had or have the desire within you to pursue. There are no limits to limit you, only those limitations you limit God and yourself with. Dig deep into the buried treasure of Christ in you to: discover, uncover, recover, take-over and “fork-over” or release and serve the Creator’s greatness in you. The world awaits!


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